It’s coming

The weekend is coming! Sir and I have designated this as our first High Protocol weekend 😊 I’ve been wanting a little extra “boost” for our dynamic, and I think this will be it. I’m very excited!

Sir has given me extra rules and protocols, starting when we get out of bed Saturday and ending Sunday before we leave for a family dinner. It’s not totally strict and rigid and formal, but it’s more intense than our regular day-to-day. I’m nervous about forgetting a rule.

The most exciting part of this is that Sir admits to doing some independent research. Usually he doesn’t search information out, but will read anything I send him. For this he actually went out of his way to get information. He says he didn’t find a lot of what he was looking for though… But still! He looked

Hope everyone else has a good weekend! 😊


5 thoughts on “It’s coming

  1. Great idea. We’ve had an annual “immersion” week as a time set aside for deeper exploration of D/s, even some M/s and other various kinks. While thats all and good, like the idea of a simple “heightened” protocol day or weekend. I will suggest this to my husband. Thanks for sharing!


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